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Sign-up for the 2015 Season is now open

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Become a member of CSA Newark in 2015 and join a growing crowd of local organic veggie lovers enjoying weekly fresh produce grown by John Kruger in Andover, NJ.

All of John’s veggies are certified organic. His farm was formerly known as Starbright Farm, but is now called: Circle Brook Farm. John supplies CSA pick-up locations in Newark, Montclair, Jersey City, Morristown, Staten Island, Westfield,… read more about John and his farm here.

This is how the CSA works: Members sign up before the growing season starts, and receive a share of veggies for 24 consecutive weeks from mid-June until the end of November. Veggies are certified organic, local, and seasonal. Continue reading

Newark’s Freshest: Get ready for the 2013 season!

newarks freshest_gala

Share deliveries for the 2013 CSA Newark will start mid June (probably June 12th – which seems oh-so-far away!), but it is not to early to sign up for the season already (particularly if you want to get the early-sign-up discount) – read on below for details on the 2013 season at CSA Newark and make sure your summer and fall will be filled with affordable, locally grown, fresh, organic veggies:
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Summer Squash & Eggplant

not a summer squash or eggplant!

First, let me say that last night Marshall and I bit into a slice of Farmer John’s watermelon and it is so good I wanted to call him right away and gush.  It’s so good we’ve saved all the rinds to juice them.  You can also pickle them!

Speaking of pickling, re:  the topic at hand, there’s a great article in Wednesday’s NY Times.  And speaking of eggplant, what to do with all of it?? Continue reading


A great resource for recipes is  Each week, New York Magazine features a recipe, usually centered around an in season ingredient, from a particular local chef or restaurant.  It’s worth reading the magazine just for that, and of course Maura Jacobson’s crossword puzzles (though happy for her and her retirement, we sure miss her puzzles . . . )

One of my All Time Favorite recipes is from an issue last summer and it’s called Saltie’s Romaine Dinghy.  Saltie is a sandwich shop in Brooklyn.  I’ve not been, but I just know we’d hit it off.  Prepare yourself, this sandwich is off the hook–

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Week 2 and Keepin’ it Fresh

There is an evolution involved when it comes to being a CSA member.  There’s excitement, panic, experimentation, utter culinary failure, complete culinary delight, saving, canning, fermenting, sharing . . . .

It’s week 2 and already I’m like, “There’s so much food!”  John Krueger of Starbrite Farm really rocks my world and specifically my digestive system.  And I’m not going to lie–I panic about how to use it all, not wasting, getting home from work in time to cook a meal before 10pm.  I’m sure you can relate.

With all this in mind, I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve found to make the most out of the CSA.   Continue reading

Details on the (totally optional) fruit share

The fruit share is a 14 week season beginning mid July. The cost is $210
for the season, which averages $15/week.  It is primarily eco grown fruit
from a NY farm and generally includes 2 types of fruit each week and
between 3-4 #’s of each.  Options might include:  peaches, plums,
nectarines, pears, apples, blueberries, cherries,  Hardy Kiwi.

Payment for the fruit share will be due in late June, just before fruit
deliveries begin.  The fruit share is available to all CSA Newark members. (If you signed up for the weekly veggie share (or half share), you are a member.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the season run?

The season runs 24 weeks; mid-June through the end of November.  Farmer John usually does an optional “Stock up for the Winter” share in December that may just last you into March.

How much is it?

Full shares are $565 for 24 weeks which works out to be $23.54/wk.  Half shares are available for $282.50. Continue reading