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About the farmer:


All our veggies here at CSA Newark are grown by John Krueger on his farm in Andover, NJ (about an hour north/west of Newark). To learn more about John and his farm, read here in his own words:

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The 2013 Winter-Stock-Up-Share Info is Here!


Read on below for all the details on this years Winter-Stock-Up-Share from John (what veggies are included, the weight, the price, etc).  If you would like to receive this years Winter-Stock-Up-Share:

• current CSA members can simply drop off a check at our pick-up location next Wednesday

• non-members can still get a Winter-Stock-Up-Share: send an e-mail to eve at csanewark dot com for details on how to get on the list.

But now, here are the details on the stock-up-share from our farmer John himself:

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We made it!

We made our target by the April 15 deadline and are up and running for the 2013 season.  Awesome.

An e-mail with detailed information on the FARM VISIT (June 8th), our CSA Newark 2013 initial MEET-N’-GREET (May 31st) and more just went out to all members, and we can not wait for the veggie deliveries to start (June 12th).CSA week 3 2011

We still accept additional members for the season. If you are interested to join or if you have questions, drop an e-mail to eve at csanewark dot com  or to  stephanie at csanewark dot com.

I see garlic scapes in our near future – this season will rock!

Looking for a share partner? Let us help!


Our farmer John Krueger does full shares only.  However, the coordinators here at the CSA Newark pick-up location are willing to help you guys to get half shares organized, since a full share can be too much for single people, or even for couples, if they do not really eat so much veggies…..

If you would like to get a half share, but do not know who to split it with: let us  hook you up! Just send an e-mail to eve at csanewark dot com and we will match you with others looking for a veggie-share-partner as we hear from them.

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Who is the farmer?

John Krueger is growing the organic veggies for us here at the Newark drop-off / pick-up spot.  We have been amazed by the quality and variety of the CSA shares provided by John. His farm is located in Andover, NJ and for all of you who want to learn more about him, his farm and his vision, continue reading after the jump: Continue reading

Newark’s Freshest: Get ready for the 2013 season!

newarks freshest_gala

Share deliveries for the 2013 CSA Newark will start mid June (probably June 12th – which seems oh-so-far away!), but it is not to early to sign up for the season already (particularly if you want to get the early-sign-up discount) – read on below for details on the 2013 season at CSA Newark and make sure your summer and fall will be filled with affordable, locally grown, fresh, organic veggies:
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The 2012 Winter Stock-Up Share is here!

Stock up for the winter with this one time end-of-season yummieness from the fields of Starbrite farm. It will be here at the drop off spot for pick-up next Wednesday (21 NOV 12, the day before Thanksgiving). Cost: $60 – which is an amazing deal — read after the jump below in John’s own words the details on the size of the share and what veggies are in it.  Let Alyson or myself know ASAP if you are interested!

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Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away

Grocery Store Wars!

Eric’s way

what to do with all the amazing greens you find weekly in the CSA share? – this is what CSA member Eric suggests:

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