Community Supported Agriculture in Newark, NJ:

fresh, certified organic, local, seasonal veggies – grown by John Krueger of Circle Brook Farm (formerly known as: Starbright Farm) in Andover, NJ – delivered weekly to the Ironbound section in Newark.

More about CSA Newark at our website.

More about the amazing John Krueger and his farm here.

Contact Evelyn and Stephanie (pick-up site co-coordinators) with questions:

eve at csanewark dot com and stephanie at csanewark dot com

2 responses to “About

  1. Can you send us more information about 2011 info.
    Where is pick-ups? About the farm?
    About CSA Newark?
    How did it start? how long?
    I’m sure I have a ton more questions.

    • Hi NewarkPulse:
      Pick-ups will be close to Penn Station in the Ironbound, at the Button Factory, 85 Hamilton Street. Shares will start to be delivered mid June and there will be 24 weeks of shares through the season. The farm is the organic certified Starbrite Farm in Andover, NJ which is run by John Krueger. As mentionaed above, you can find more about the farm here: http://www.localharvest.org/starbrite-farm-M34750

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