Looking for a share partner? Let us help!


Our farmer John Krueger does full shares only.  However, the coordinators here at the CSA Newark pick-up location are willing to help you guys to get half shares organized, since a full share can be too much for single people, or even for couples, if they do not really eat so much veggies…..

If you would like to get a half share, but do not know who to split it with: let us  hook you up! Just send an e-mail to eve at csanewark dot com and we will match you with others looking for a veggie-share-partner as we hear from them.

If you would like to split a share, please also keep the following in mind:You and your share partner will have to decide amongst yourselves how you want to split.  There are two basic options (maybe you can invent another way, but so far we saw two basic approaches in practice):
1) You share the share each week.  Maybe you meet and decide to cut the cabbage in half, split the carrots equitably and maybe you take the lettuce while your share partner takes the garlic…..  or maybe you trust your share partner and she usually comes to the site earlier, then maybe she would split the share on your behalf and you would come pick up your half of the share later that day.  We are happy to hold a half share at the pick-up spot – what we do not do, is split the share for you guys – you really have to come to an agreement amongst yourselves on that.
2) the other way to share, is to agree on alternate pickups.  So you would effectively pick up your share every other week instead of weekly, but the week that you do, you would take the entire share home.

Last point on half-shares: since we are still a small CSA drop-off/pick-up location here in Newark, we still require each half-share member to pay the site fee required from each member, and we also require each of you to do the volunteering time required from each member.  This is necessary to make the pick-up location here in Newark function – all members have to pitch in, half share or full.

post scriptum: the photo on top of this blog entry is borrowed from: http://www.brandwatch.com/2012/12/product-update-making-group-sharing-and-query-writing-easier/  i tried to make my cats share a veggie of their choosing for a photo – but they really did not go for it.  just kidding.

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