2012: season two in the making

It is 2012 and we’re dreaming once again of farm fresh veggies delivered weekly and know you must be too!  Just this week, John sent information about the upcoming season and we wanted to post it here.  Once again, we’ll need
a minimum number of members to ensure CSA Newark happens this year.  If
you know you wouldn’t dare go June-November without organic fresher than
fresh veggies, don’t delay!

The lowdown below:

*The 24-week season is $600, less $25 if paid by April 1.
*The site fee remains $20/member pd in cash at the site.
*Work shifts will be determined based on number of members.
*Details on the fruit share are in the works, stand by . . .
*Deliveries begin mid-June

If you would like to sign up, write us an e-mail and we send you the membership form.

Alyson & Evelyn

ps—In retrospecting last season, our only regret is that we didn’t have a
party.  Which means this year, there’s got to be a party!

pps-If you’d like to write a review for CSA Newark, go here:
http://www.localharvest.org/csa-newark-M43329?ul  and thanks!

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