The Community of CSA

CSA Newark member Andrea Lockett recently reminded us that she was reminded of the C in CSA. For community, of course!

With that in mind, she asked that we share a few exciting things going on in our community:

*Andrea is hoping to organize a winter playgroup for parents with kids in the neighborhood (approx. under age 6). Any interested parents, please contact her at

*Many members have expressed interest in a community-dinner or picnic/potluck – a FABULOUS idea! If you’d like to take the helm of this project, it’s yours to make happen!

*There will be a community tree planting on Union St. on November 19. An info session on how to plant/maintain trees will be held the evening of November 1 (short notice, sorry!) in the apartment of the folks who manage the Dietze Building. Similar tree plantings have happened on Bruen St. and NJRR, feel free to attend for more information on how to organize a planting on your block.

We know you love the A part of CSA, now let’s enjoy the C!

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