Summer Squash & Eggplant

not a summer squash or eggplant!

First, let me say that last night Marshall and I bit into a slice of Farmer John’s watermelon and it is so good I wanted to call him right away and gush.  It’s so good we’ve saved all the rinds to juice them.  You can also pickle them!

Speaking of pickling, re:  the topic at hand, there’s a great article in Wednesday’s NY Times.  And speaking of eggplant, what to do with all of it??

My culinary girlfriend, and by that I mean I have a total kitchen crush on her, Heidi Swanson, shares a recipe for Sumer Squash Gratin on her must read of a blog, 101Cookbooks.  I’ve made this as written, but this week was short of zucchini (having pickled and subsequently canned them all!) and long on eggplant.  The result was a hit and made me very grateful for leftovers!  Here are my modifications:

I didn’t have any lemons so sprinkled the bottom of the oiled dish with dill (our new favorite herb).
Used one small zucchini and 1 medium sized eggplant.
Basil in lieu of the other herbs.
3 cloves of garlic (we like garlic!).

The eggplant was lovely in here, it was soft and cutable with a fork without being slimy and inspired me to try the recipe with just eggplant (stay tuned for the results).

If you find yourself in the opposite situation as I, long on zucchini and other summer squash varieties, try following the recipe exactly or using less potatoes.  Or all potatoes if are so inclined–why not!  And if you are looking for other ways to make the most of your zucchini I’ll re-recommend Heidi’s Special Zucchini Bread recipe and Dan Koshansky’s Refrigerator Pickles.  Can you tell these are some staples around here:)

ps–I’ve also used eggplant in the zucchini bread with success!
pps–The season’s first batch of sauerkraut is fermenting as I type.  More on that soon!

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