There’s Still Time!

We are thrilled to have recently gotten the word from John Krueger (our farmer) of Starbrite Farm that CSA Newark is happening this year!  Woot!!

What this means for you is that there’s still time to sign up and save yourself from grocery store fate and Whole Foods prices.  Support a local farmer.  Eat healthier than ever before.  Save money.  It’s all possible with a CSA.

Get in touch to become a member.  And if you still are on the fence about it, how about we throw in a pre-season cocktail party AND a “Community Supported Community” page on our website letting you know what fellow CSAers do and care about.  You want business cards?  Check.  To learn how to make sauerkraut?  Check.  An architect?  Check.  Energy audits?  Check.  Yoga?  Check.  Art?  Check, check, check.

As if the food wasn’t reason enough (and it is), there’s groovy folks involved.  And you’ll get a free ad on our website,

Double woot.

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