The 2015 Winter-Stock-Up Share: Get Ready for Winter!

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The Winter-Stock-Up-Share is a one-time pick-up of mostly hardy root veggies, squashes, potatoes and onions to get you through the winter. It will also contain all the remaining greens on the fields, which will not last as long, but which will be great for the first week or two and for your Thanksgiving feast. Altogether 50 to 60 pounds of organic vegetables for $80 (this is whole sale price). More details on what is included after the jump below. All is grown by John  Krueger on his organic farm in Andover, NJ.

Everyone can participate: 2015 CSA members AS WELL AS not-members can get this one-time-end-of-season pick-up (it is huge and heavy – way, way more food then any regular share from the season).

Pickup will be on Tuesday, November 24th 2015 (this is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving) between 4pm and 7pm at our standard CSA pickup spot:

85 Hamilton Street, Newark, NJ (between New Jersey Railroad Avenue and Hamilton Street). We can arrange for late pick-up if the time frame does not work for you.

If you are interested, drop us a line at:  eve at csanewark dot com  and we will tell you what to do.

Read more about this special once-a-year share from John Krueger (the farmer) here:

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Full share or half share – what is right for me?

Trying to decide if the full share or rather sharing-a-share is the right thing to do for you? Here are some pointers:

The size of the share changes a bit throughout the season: the first and second week are usually smallish, but then the share picks up quickly and gets very abundant. Look here for some photo’s of single shares from previous years to get a better feel for it.

Generally speaking: the full share is great for families, the half share is great for singles. Vegetarian couples often choose a full share, omnivore couples often choose to split a share with someone else. But we have a member who is single and has a full share each year, and we have families with kids that prefer to share with others.

My husband and I (omnivores) have a full share to ourselves and one of the reasons is, that an abundance of veggies in our fridge inspires us to cook and eat more of them. This is how Nina Planck put it:

I notice two common mistakes with vegetables. First, people don’t buy enough, with predictable results: They don’t cook or eat enough vegetables. If your fridge isn’t packed with fresh produce, you won’t have a couple of vegetables at every meal. I’d rather throw away old vegetables— and often do— than do without at supper time. 1

When my husband and I reach a point where we feel overwhelmed by too much of the veggie-abundance, and short cuts like juicing (you can consume gigantic amounts of greens this way) are not what we want to do, and if there is also no time to ferment or otherwise preserve some veggie-goodies for lean times ahead, then I do this: I only take what I really, really want for next week from my official share, and leave the rest at the pick up spot. Each week, any leftovers at the CSA pickup spot are donated to the food kitchen of the Goodwill Rescue Mission on University Avenue in downtown Newark – so if I do not need it all or want it all, it still does not go to waist but to a very good cause. I never have to feel bad if I choose only to take a portion of my share – it really is a great thing for someone else.

Hope this helps some you you to make the decision that is right FOR YOU.

If you decide on sharing-a-share, please also read our blog post about this, which you can find here.


1 The quote above is from Nina Planck’s book: Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods. Here the slightly longer quote:

I notice two common mistakes with vegetables. First, people don’t buy enough, with predictable results: They don’t cook or eat enough vegetables. If your fridge isn’t packed with fresh produce, you won’t have a couple of vegetables at every meal. I’d rather throw away old vegetables— and often do— than do without at supper time. The same goes for fruit. If the fruit bowl isn’t full, your family is not eating fruit. Second, people worry too much about how to cook vegetables. They’re overreliant on recipes, and for some odd reason, dishes must be complicated. You make a list of ingredients, shop, dice, blanch, sauté, make a sauce, bake . . . Who has time for this? I sometimes enjoy these complex, layered numbers in restaurants, but not at home. There is no need to get fancy. I make vegetables at every meal, every day, all year. Here’s how: * Take one vegetable. * Add one fat and one flavor, or maybe two. * Salt it. That’s it. The flavor— garlic, fresh herbs, hot peppers— is optional. The fat and salt, however, are not.

Sign-up for the 2015 Season is now open

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Become a member of CSA Newark in 2015 and join a growing crowd of local organic veggie lovers enjoying weekly fresh produce grown by John Kruger in Andover, NJ.

All of John’s veggies are certified organic. His farm was formerly known as Starbright Farm, but is now called: Circle Brook Farm. John supplies CSA pick-up locations in Newark, Montclair, Jersey City, Morristown, Staten Island, Westfield,… read more about John and his farm here.

This is how the CSA works: Members sign up before the growing season starts, and receive a share of veggies for 24 consecutive weeks from mid-June until the end of November. Veggies are certified organic, local, and seasonal. Continue reading

Get the 2014 Winter Stock-Up Share!

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Winter is coming!
Are you ready for it?
Only two weeks are left of the 2014 weekly CSA deliveries.
BUT: it is not too late to get “IN” on the 2014 Winter-Stock-Up Share: Continue reading

Become a member of the 2014 CSA season, because:


Join the 2014 season of CSA Newark and ensure your home is always stocked with fresh, local, seasonal, affordable and certified organic veggies – inspiring you to eat veggies!

What is a CSA anyways, you ask? You can read about the general concept of Community Supported Agriculture here.

To learn about the specifics of  CSA Newark here in Newark NJ, the 2014 season and how to be a part of it all, here is the scoop:

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About the farmer:


All our veggies here at CSA Newark are grown by John Krueger on his farm in Andover, NJ (about an hour north/west of Newark). To learn more about John and his farm, read here in his own words:

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The 2013 Winter-Stock-Up-Share Info is Here!


Read on below for all the details on this years Winter-Stock-Up-Share from John (what veggies are included, the weight, the price, etc).  If you would like to receive this years Winter-Stock-Up-Share:

• current CSA members can simply drop off a check at our pick-up location next Wednesday

• non-members can still get a Winter-Stock-Up-Share: send an e-mail to eve at csanewark dot com for details on how to get on the list.

But now, here are the details on the stock-up-share from our farmer John himself:

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